Moving to a new Apt? Don’t forget the lamp.

11 Jan

Sounds like simple advice. But so easily forgotten… So easy, that I even forgot to add lighting to my Guide of how to live like an adult but still spend like a 20 something. But here’s a tip – you need light. I realized this all too quickly the first night I spent in my new apartment… an apt with no over head lighting it should be mentioned.

So what’s a gal to do? After one night of delicately balancing flash lights and tilting my own desk lamp, I decided my first priority must be finding light.

But apparently lamps are kinda expensive… who knew?? With my options limited to what stores were within walking distance of the new apt or stores that offer relatively inexpensive delivery… I began my search.

Stop #1 – Bed Bath and Beyond seemed like a standard 20something option… so imagine my surprise when I found out that their lamps would set me back at least 70 bucks!

Stop #2 –  West Elm had a much better selection, but for a much bigger price. Most lamps here would set me back somewhere in the mid-100s$.

Stop #3 – Found a little boutique lighting shop I thought looked cute. But for 3 grand a lamp, those lamps better have done a lot more than just looked cute, so I reluctantly accepted my fate of shopping discount online and waiting a few more nights in the darkness.

Until this happened: The Perfect Lamp.

The most amazing lamp literally in the whole wide world.

The Zing Table Lamp in retro green from Crate and Barrel – for $79.99 it’s not cheap, but it is affordable and timeless. And Crate and Barrel offers a currier service in most major cities, so I was even able to have it delivered and get light that very same night.

I. Am. Obsessed. Who knew someone could talk so much about a lamp?? I have systematically approached every neighbor/friend/whoever will listen to tell them about my new awesome lamp and show them this pic. It’s just that amazing.

As a heads up – the rest of Crate and Barrel’s lamps are on the pricier side (think 170$-400$)… so my advice is to get the Zing and get out.

Shout out time – props to MamaRullz for discovering this lamp!!

What do The Blogs Say??

Apartment Therapy shows us some super arty, super awesome and super innovative modern lighting ideas.

Industructables creates their own, magnetic table lamp that is relatively inexpensive and definitely awesome.

Ask House Design confirms the importance of light design… or in my case any light at all.

I would like to say goodbye with this totally irrelevant yet awesomely creepy light bulb clip art I found on Google Image. You’re welcome.

Do you have lamp love??

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