48 hours… two state check off!

13 Jun

In the “states I’ve been” checklist that lives in a irrationally competitive portion of my mind – the Northwest has always stood vacant. So when a high school in Idaho won a Channel One contest to have us host a show from their school my first thought jumped straight to – Two more states to check off my list!!

Yes. This is me. Giddy off of my Washington/Idaho Check Off high

First Stop: Spokane, Washington!

Annnnd don’t be pulling that “oh, this doesn’t count as a new state because you only flew into it.” First of all: airports count as state visits! Are you, or are you not on land in that state?! Fact. I win.

Second: We drove through Washington to get to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. So I even roadtripped in Washington. Boom. Double state status.

Roadtripping from Washington to Idaho!

And while the landscape was be-ah-oo-tih-ful right away, can we talk about the weather? I do not know how Northwesterners do it – living life in a constant state of almost rain. But the wonderful side effect of all that wet weather?

Double Rainbows.

Full On.

Before we could take in any more scenery, there was work that had to be done. And yes, this work involved me fulfilling on of my life’s greatest goals: To pretend  to be a rockstar.

I mean, someone had to host the show from the stage and introduce the band and then yell from on stage for the crowd to make some noise – okay maybe they didn’t need me to jump up and down and play an air guitar… but we agree to disagree.

And yes, these were the seniors who decided to wear Jorts to the concert as a senior prank… The fact that this was the crowd at my pretend concert moment is very fitting.

The show is wrapped and we have 8 hours until our flight?? Sounds like the perfect time to meander. Shall we stroll around this boardwalk along a breathtaking lake in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho? Why yes. Yes we shall.

I heard a rumor that this is the longest boardwalk in the nation. And while that’s definitely not true, it’s most certainly a great rumor.


Final stop: Seattle, Airport. What a tease.

Now, here is where I will agree with all you state visit naysayers out there. While I HAVE been to Washington, State – I concede that I have not been to Seattle.

My rule on cities: To have been to a city, one must eat in that city. Until next time Seattle…

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How many states have you checked off your State Checklist?!?

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One Response to “48 hours… two state check off!”

  1. Tony June 13, 2012 at 12:02 pm #

    We need to do a state check and see who has been to more? I think my east coast and then west coast road trips definitely has me in the lead at this point. Step up YOUR GAME!!!

    And you can totally count airports… but i like your rule on cities. It’s all about the food.

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