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How to live like an adult… but still spend like a poor 20something.

2 Jan

I’m gearing up for the move to NYC!! I officially make the leap next week, so this week it is all about the preparation. And apartment prep for a young 20something just starting out means one thing and one thing only: Ikea.

But seriously, what did people do before Ikea?!? It’s right up there with cell phones and word processing… I honestly do not know how my parents got through young adulthood without them. Where else can you find ridiculously cheap yet somehow semi nice looking furniture that perfectly bridges that awkward gap between wanting to pay the bare minimum and not wanting to look like you live in a college dorm room?? The only answer is Ikea.

And this brings me to my current Ikea shopping list. I was guided by parental wisdom (read: forced) to purchase the bare minimum amount of furniture. So clearly I went directly to the Ikea dining and eating department. Because, yes, I NEED these multi-colored pizza cutters, this 14-piece pastry cutter set in a box, and don’t even get me started on their entire section devoted to food storage and organizing!!

Okay, but in reality, I did reel myself in and put together this list that is entirely way too adult. (But don’t worry, I will be ordering again. And my next order will most def include this heart shaped baking mold.)



The Adult: I just really felt like the bed frame would take my room from ho hum to… “wow, now this is the room of a young adult who is super hip and totally has her act together.” Also, because the bed frame lifts the bed off the ground it really opens up the room and creates a more spacious atmosphere. (Is it too obvious that I didn’t come up with that last part myself? Read more about why bed frames are awesome here.)

The Cost Save: Yes, a bed frame will set  you back some dollars. But so will your boxspring and that little metal rolling thing you put a bed on. After crunching the numbers, I found that 9 times out of 10 in the bed frame versus boxspring war it comes out being even. And at least with the bed frame you get a super cool looking piece of furniture out of it. Clearly, the bedframe vs. boxspring debate brings up some heated conversation… but don’t worry, I already broke it down for you in this other (yes, I have multiple) furniture related post. 

Warning: Don’t forget to buy the slatted bed base when you purchase the bed frame!

The Product: MALM bed frame.


The Adult: The adult portion on this one should be pretty obvious… adults frown upon large piles of clothing strewn about the floor (and yes, it’s still not cool even if they are in organized piles on the floor… I’ve tried that one.) As a girl downsizing from a room with plentiful storage space to a shared room in Manhattan, adequate storage space was extremely important to me. So I got a huge dresser, and then another small one as backup.

The Cost: Taking a cue from the above bed frame, we decided to let Ikea do the decorating work for us, and just continued with the entire Malm set. (NOTE – the MALM series happens to be one of the most cost effective series Ikea offers.)

The Product: the MALM 6 drawer dresser.

Clearly, I need more room for my shoes. So I also got this dresser below as a “bedside table”. The Fiance never needs to know that it’s really a dresser hehehe… Hey, I think this just shows my ingenious use of closet design.

The Product: the MALM Ikea 3-drawer dresser.


The Adult: Okay, this one isn’t the classiest adult option. But hey… in case you couldn’t tell by my ode to dressers above, I want me some storage space. So throwing worries about looking like an adult aside, I sucked it up and got the rolling rack.

The Cost: At 15 bucks I think that this rack is one of the most ingenios inventions of out era.

Note: The Fiance has already been informed that his button-downs will look so much nicer on the roller rack so we really must show case them outside of the closet instead… I know, genius move by me.

The Product: RIGGA clothes rack.


The Adult: Puleeeese… doesn’t a home office just scream adult?!?!!

The Cost: Ikea gives you some really great home work space options. I was in a debate over getting a simple table top and adding legs with storage, (look how cool they set up the workspace here!) or going for a full on desk. In the end, we went with this straight up (but still super cool) desk below.

The Product: MICKE desk.

And to complete the home office nook? A kick butt chair.

The Product: the JULES swivel chair.

The Statement Piece: *

*I need help with this one…

The Adult: Every adult room has that one super swanky piece that just Makes It. It really, Ties The Room Together. I WANT THAT.

The Cost: Statement pieces can be tricky. They often creep up in price and then before you know it you are spending $500 on an African tribal mask because you think it will make the room. My goal: Go for something that pops, makes a statement, and is still functional. I was thinking lamp… or table.

My favorite find so far (Note – this has been vetoed by The Fiance… much to my dismay): an orange occasional table! It can roll over the bed so that you can do work… in bed!! Amazing. And, Statement? It’s a super cool table. Pop? It’s orange. Functional? It’s a table on wheels whenever you need it!! SOLD!! Come on people… help me out on this one.

The Product: TheMALM occasional table in orange.

I was promptly cut off of list duty after begging for the occasional table… so that is it for now. There is still the mattress and bedding to discuss, but believe me my friends, bedding is on a whole other level of adult. Next time…

In case this excessively ode to Ikea wasn’t enough… check out:

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What other pieces do you recommend? and please… someone back me up on this occasional table!!

Bed Frame Vs. Boxspring.

30 Dec

This is a bed frame.

And this is a boxspring.

While picking out furniture for the new bedroom in NYC, I stumbled upon this revelation: The boxspring. You mean the larger thing under the mattress isn’t just the mattress? Needless to say… my mind was blown. When I found out I could forgo this so called “boxspring” contraption and buy a bedframe instead I went from befuddled to full blown panic mode. So many options and so much mattress ignorance on my part. Well, hours of research and many embarrassing questions to MamaRullz later (Me: “Mom, what’s that thing under the mattress? Mom: “Maggie, you do realize you’re 24, right?”), and boom – here is my new knowledge:

Option #1 – BEDFRAME:

– buy a bedframe.

– buy a mattress (ONLY a mattress.)

– buy a slatted bed base. (This step is important and kinda tricky. This part serves as the boxspring in the bedframe.)

– Note: you can still buy a boxspring and use it with the bedframe, but it isn’t necessary. I know… confusing, right?!

Option #2 – BOXSPRING:

– Buy a boxspring. (Apparently, there is a reason the boxspring was invented. Who knew?)

– Buy a matching Mattress.

– Buy something to put the above things on (unless you want them on the floor, but I mean come on what are you, a barbarian?). Standard option: That rolling metal thing, you know what I’m talking about.

And now onto cost. In my vast breadth of mattress buying experience, I have found that 9 times out of 10 the price comes out to be about the same. So really, it comes down to personal preference, how awesome looking the bedframe is, and if the boxspring is sold separately.

Still with me? Believe me, this all took me some time. After days of internal debate (and a few tense phone calls with The Fiance), we decided on Option #1. Because I mean come on… go big or go home, amiright??

MALM Bed frame, birch veneer Length: 83 7/8 " Width: 66 1/2 " Footboard height: 11 3/4 " Headboard height: 30 3/8 " Mattress length: 79 1/2 " Mattress width: 59 7/8 "  Length: 213 cm Width: 169 cm Footboard height: 30 cm Headboard height: 77 cm Mattress length: 202 cm Mattress width: 152 cm

So who wins your debate… the bedframe or the boxspring??


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